About 38 Nigerian mercenaries fighting for Ukraine has been killed – Russia defense minister

Ukraine some time ago requested for volunteer fighters to help fight in the war in exchange for citizenship and all, but it would seem like it has turned out to be going against their favour.

Nigerians killed in the Ukraine Russian war

The Russian Defence Minister has claimed that 38 Nigerian mercenaries fighting in Ukraine have been killed in the war, while 32 others have returned to their country.

According to the data sighted by Sahara Reporters, Russia says Kiev’s claim of 20,000 foreign mercenaries holding its defence is a lie, adding that it monitors and records the presence in Ukraine of every representative of countries who moved to the country as a mercenary or trainee.

A large number of foreign fighters and trainees volunteered to partake in the war between Russia and Ukraine, and currently many of them are finding the situation, rather unpleasant.

  • The total number of foreign mercenaries that have moved to Ukraine, according to the report is 6,956 out of which 1,956 have been killed while 1,779 fled back to their home countries.
  • Only 3,221 of the foreign mercenaries, who migrated from 64 countries are left, as of June 17, 2022.

Of this number, a total of 85 Nigerians were part of the foreign mercenaries, 38 have been killed while 35 returned to their home country. It said only 12 of this number remain in the country.


We hope the war comes to a halt soon.