It’s no longer a breaking news that there’s an ongoing war between Russia and Ukrain, which then brings to terms the thought of how the technological sector would be affected. This our main focus for today.

First lets look at the economical impact. According to wikipedia, some years back the Ukrainian economy suffered a severe downturn, with GDP in 2015 being slightly above half of its value in 2013. In 2016, the economy again started to grow. By 2018, the Ukrainian economy was growing rapidly, and reached almost 80% of its size in 2008 which was  an impressive growth rate. And Ukrain is known for her advancement in the agricultural sector making upto 40% its total GDP, which has been grossly affected severly by the spoils of war.

From my research lately, Ukrain’s general tech startups are amongst the victims and have been impacted negatively and heavily. But in the face of all the tribulation, ways to mitigate the effects has been brought to bare. I’ll be discussing a few below.

An amazing application built by fresh expert enterpreuring minds in the sector, which is a face-swap app, is expected to debut soon and which makes it easy to create and share war-related visual memes. Ukrainians will be the first to receive the new app, called Memomet, which the founders hope will both help fight the information war and also make coping during the Russian assault on Ukraine a little easier.

In Ukraine, where technology companies proliferated before the war and where the fast-growing population of IT workers swelled to 250,000, such small efforts, done solo or in conjunction with the country’s volunteer “IT Army,” add up. They’re especially helpful for optics in the ongoing information war and for organizing humanitarian funds and help.

Among the projects undertaken by Ukrainian tech companies and workers are an automatically updated Google Doc with the latest information on traffic at border crossings, a new piece of software to look for digital links to Russia and Belarus, and lots of fundraising for both military and humanitarian efforts.

In conclusion, due to the extensive relevance of the tech sector in maintaining and re-building the economy, several other efforts have been put in place to help curb the war effects and to also help people cope in this trying while giving out hope for better tomorrow.