Top 7 Most Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix Uk: IMdB Ratings

If you need movies with full suspense and grim, then you should watch Horror Movies. They not only keep you on your toes, they also entertain alot since they are almost real.


Horror films have one of the most ardent and committed fan bases in genre filmmaking.

A number of horror classics currently litter the streamer, with Hannibal, Dawn Of The Dead and even a 2022 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre all available to tune into. But is there a hidden gem that you may have scrolled past without noticing?

We wanted to know what would be the best horror films to watch on Netflix tonight, so we took the advice of the highly rated film review site IMDb to see which 16 horror flicks are rated highest by them.

Dare you watch them all?


1. Resident Evil (The umbrella) Series -2023

Two girls gotten from a surrogate mother struggles to uncover the reason for their no identify. After one is bitten by an infectious dog, they only come to discover how they had lived with a clone all their lives.

2. Get Out (2017) – 7.7

Winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, Get Out was nominated in four categories despite being horrors being so often overlooked by the Academy. A masterpiece from Jordan Peele.

3. Dawn Of The Dead (2005) – 7.3

Horror remakes of classics are generally not well received but 2005’s remake of the zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead is one of the best ever made.

4. Sleepy Hollow (1999) – 7.3

Tim Burton’s supernatural horror stars both Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci as a police detective is sent from New York to investigate a series of murders committed by a supposed Headless Horseman.

5. Home Sweet (2023) – 7.1

Top 7 Most Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix Uk: IMdB Ratings|| Home Sweet

Humanity is plunge with a curse turning them into a living zombies. But a secret is hidden that will change the whole world. Pugh is outstanding in this modern day horror classic.

6. Cloverfield (2008) – 7.0

In this found footage horror from the late 00s, a rooftop party is brought to an abrupt end when a monster attacks New York City and force its inhabitants to flee.

7. Hannibal (2001) – 6.8

The sequel to the award winning Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal sees Sir Anthony Hopkins return as the dreadful cannibal criminal.