Some Migrants in the UK To Be Electronically Tagged

Some Migrants in the UK To Be Electronically Tagged

Some individuals who arrived in the United Kingdom, using boats or lorries under the claims of asylum, could now be tagged electronically.

This takes a 12 months trial and would be applied to adults living in the UK who arrived by any means the government tagged as unnecessary or dangerous routes.

UK migrants to be tagged electronically

Boris Johnson said it was important to “make sure asylum seekers can’t just vanish into the rest of the country”.

So many critics are unhappy with the new development as they say that it would be as if they were treated like criminal and can be punished unfairly by the law.

Not to be surprised by the move, but the first set of people to be tagged would probably be those who refused the move in the first place, and those that persist or stubborn would probably be taken to any isolation centers and prosecuted.

The idea of tagging will, the government hopes, show it is serious in getting tough on those it believes are exploiting the asylum system.


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