Skylar Grey, writer for Eminem and Rihanna explains how she had to sell off her entire catalog to ‘afford’ divorce

Skylar Grey, who notably wrote “Love the Way You Lie” for Eminem and Rihanna and “Coming Home” for Diddy, both released in 2010, has revealed that she had to sell her music catalog to “afford” her divorce from fellow singer-songwriter Elliott Taylor.

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In an interview published on Variety on Monday June 6, Grey said her life and career were overwhelmed by a divorce and lawsuit that began in 2017 and only resolved last year.

She said;

“Since 2017, I was going through a divorce and lawsuit, that was just wrecking me emotionally and financially/
“This past year, 2021, we finally resolved it, settled.
“I had to sell my catalog in order to afford the settlement, which was sad in a way because those songs like ‘Love The Way You Lie’ and
‘Coming Home,’ those are my babies. But at the same time, nobody can tell me I didn’t write those songs just ’cause I don’t own the rights to them anymore. I didn’t want to sell them, but it was my only way to put the past behind me.”

Asked if the sale was similar to the blockbuster deals artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan have secured in recent years, Grey said;

“No. I wanted to keep building it and growing it. But, I have such a weight off of me now with the case being over, I’m not on the phone with lawyers every day, and I’m not having to pay all these legal bills anymore.”