Singer Harrysong says a‘Runs girl threatening to release his sex tape

We might be seeing yet another internet breaking s3x video of another Nigerian celebrity.

Popular singer, Harrysong, has lamented that a ‘runs girl’ he had an affair has kept the video and is threatening to release his sex tape.

Harrysong, in a post on his Instagram page, said he had a sex tape with the lady six years ago and she’s continue to blackmail him ever since.

He explained that he was not aware she recorded him and explained how he’s been paying alot of money to stop her.

He wrote,


“Any runs girl that put up an unpaid sex scandal about me any time soon, don’t believe her.

”I’ve paid and paid and paid just to calm her down, but she’s threatening.
”This happened 6 years ago, Abi she been record me da year sef I no even know, but no shaking, at least, I don tell una first”.