Regina Daniels knows I can marry another wife If I chose to – Ned Nwoko (Video)

marry another wife If I chose to

Billionaire businessman cum politician, Ned Nwoko has revealed that his youngest wife, actress Regina Daniels knows he could marry another wife If he choses to.


The 59-year-old made the revelation in an Interview with BBC Igbo published on Wednesday.

He said he came from a very polygamous environment and he loves children. Besides, he added, “There are women everywhere”.

“So whether I marry another wife or not; she knows it can happen. I come from a very polygamous environment. I love children so I want more children. She knows this and my other wives know it so we will see what happens in the future,” he said.

Mr Nwoko also explained how he met Regina. He said, “I met her and I liked her. We got married within three weeks. I married all my wives within the same period. I don’t believe in dating anybody to marry them.

“I met her the first time when she came to my house with her mother and her siblings because my place in Delta is a tourist place. They came to look around and I liked her and that was it.”



— Unu Amaro Kam Siri Kwado (@AfamDeluxo) December 2, 2020


On Novemver 16, rumors about Nwoko taking a seventh wife Sara made rounds on social media.

Regina later came out to debunk the rumor saying Sara is her friend.

“The news about Sara being my husband’s wife is completely false, she is my friend who came visiting,” she said.

Nwoko and Regina got married in April 2019 and welcomed their first child together in June of this year.