Piggyvest Review – Guide, Information and General Application

In many cases, people normally prefer to save money instead of spending, especially during the work days in preparation for the holidays. That’s where the use of a piggybank comes in.

In this article I’ll be analyzing a digital piggybank trusted and uses by a lot of people to save money securely and even get interest on their end.

Piggyvest Review - Guide, Information and General Application

PiggyVest is a secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings and have control over your reserve funds, founded in 2016 and is principally a savings application.

Earlier known as Piggy Bank, they rebranded to become PiggyVest in 2019 and furthermore started to offer speculation freedoms to clients other than reserve funds. It is a stage that needs to enable everyone to oversee and develop their accounts better.

The PiggyVest application is accessible on both Android and iOS, and is very recommendable. It requires no store or month to month expenses, and the interface of both the web and mobile applications are flexible and easy to understand. Saving with PiggyVest isn’t simply free from any and all risk, as like any other businesses, it can be prone to influences by external factors.


Yet it additionally teaches you by giving a choice of locking your assets until assigned delivery date.

What number of Products Does PiggyVest Have?

PiggyVest has an assortment of items for speculations and investment funds. The investment funds part has five highlights. They include: Piggybank, Safelock, Targets, Flex Naira, and Flex Dollar.

1. Piggybank

This is the center web-based investment funds part of PiggyVest. Here, you can set aside any measure of cash whatsoever point on schedule from your ledger.

There is additionally an Autosave include that consequently pulls out from your record every day, week by week, or month to month (as indicated by every client’s inclination). An interest of 10% is paid per annum on this component.

2. Safelock

This permits you to save cash for a proper period. You are denied admittance to these assets until reimbursement. If you choose to Safelock a specific measure of cash, the assets are locked until the time you pick.

This component of PiggyVest is especially helpful if you really want to set aside cash for future purposes. (For example, school expenses or a vehicle). The cool thing about Safelock is that the financing cost of 6%-15% per annum will be paid forthright.

3. Targets

Similarly as the name suggests, Targets assists you with saving towards specific objectives like house lease, school expenses, and so forth It likewise supports bunch reserve funds where every part has an installment recurrence day by day, and each gathering has the amount they hope to have at the date of development.

This component is gainful as it assists individuals with comparable interests save towards a shared objective. The loan fee is 10% per annum.

4. Flex Naira

Flex Naira is an adaptable reserve funds wallet where interests procured on any remaining PiggyVest highlights are saved. As a client, you can subsidize your Piggybank, Target, Safelock, Flex Dollar, or Investify utilizing assets in your Flex.

The standard here is that you can just pull out once at regular intervals, with a limit of four withdrawals. When you surpass this most extreme, all accumulated interest on Flex reserve funds will be lost. The financing cost on this element is 10% per annum.

5. Flex Dollar

Flex Dollar permits you to save, contribute, just as move your assets in dollars. The market practices decide the loan costs here.

How Do Investments Work on PiggyVest?

Investify: Investify is the speculation part of PiggyVest. It provides you with the choice of procuring more on your reserve funds by putting resources into essential and optional speculation openings. These ventures have low or medium dangers and are normally in horticulture, land, and transportation.

Loan costs on PiggyVest

The diverse financing costs accessible on PiggyVest are:

10% per annum on Piggybank

Up to 15.5% per annum on SafeLock

10% per annum on Target

10% per annum on Flex

6% per annum on Flex Dollar

Up to 25% on Investify

Taking everything into account, PiggyVest assists you with saving and offers you the choice of expanding the worth of your investment funds.

Piggyvest is the smartest option for compensation workers searching for how to set aside cash from pay, specialists, brokers, understudies searching for how to set aside cash and each one hoping to investigate saving freedoms.

Piggyvest Review – Guide, Information and General Application. So, Have you tried using piggyvest? Let’s know your experience so far!