Nessa Barrett ‘Santa Baby’ Sweeping Off Feets


Nessa Barrett, makes hearts melts whenever she comes on display. It doesn’t matter if you found her on TikTok or through her music. She’s undergone an astonishing change according to her fans, and we honestly stan. She feels real, authentic; this girl knows her worth, and her fans are gushing.

Just like her TikTok followers continues to increase, she’s waved in music to give us some hot hits like ‘Pain.’ Now, though, we get a taste of what her Christmas sound is.

We know you like to vibe and rave so give a song a 180 treatment, this is where it’s at. Nessa Barrett shows us that Christmas doesn’t have to be what everyone wants it to be. We’re always loving punk and rock covers of Christmas songs, but this takes that cover concept and makes it its own.

Apparently. ‘Santa Baby’ by Nessa Barrett gives us club vibes and additional Billie Eilish vibes at that. Words from the lyrics makes it near sensual in its delivery.

Sensual or threatening, you decide. But we here think we’ll put it on repeat. Some of us, for whatever reason, may not look at Christmas too fondly, whether that be toxic cheer or just an enjoyment of the dark and twisty. This one is for you.


How’d you like download and listen to the classic ‘Santa Baby?’ Are you a fan of Nessa Barrett, or are you just getting started? Let us know via the comment section.