Mike Tyson Addresses The Video Of Him’manhandling’ Juez Santana


Mike Tyson Clarifies The Video Of Him’manhandling’ Juez Santana. Legendary boxer has addressed the confusion hovering on a 2003 incident in which he appeared to grip up Juelz Santana backstage at the Source Awards.


Santana stopped by the boxer’s Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast and halfway through their friendly conversation decided it was time to get some clarity on what exactly went down all those years ago.

Tyson can be seen in a clip from the Source Awards aggressively grabbing Santana’s arm while the two of them pose for a picture with Cam’ron and the rest of Dipset.

“I need to pull this up because I got Mike here … I need to justify this,” Santana began. “One day we was with Cam… I always get like, crucified on the internet when this clip is posted. Mike grabbed my arm or something and put my arm up, and it was like, ‘Damn, Mike pressed you.”

According to Tyson his grab was misinterpreted but jokes that Santana “must have been 12 years old back then.”

The Choke No Joke clip was then pulled up, with Santana criticizing a headline that read he had been “manhandled.”


“We gotta fix this shit, Mike,” he laughed. “Look at Mike, man! … What did I do, Mike?!”

Tyson replied:

“I was saying, ‘Tell all those n-ggas you the man.’”

“We got it clear, Mike was not pressing me, he was trying to get me to tell y’all n-ggas I’m the motherfuckin man!”