Jay-Z Declined Ed Sheeran’s Feature On His Popular Song “Shape Of You”


American rapper Jay-Z turned down a feature on Ed Sheeran’s Grammy-winning song ‘Shape of You,’ according to Sheeran.

The musician opened up about his 2017 blockbuster tune in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Initially, he wanted the iconic hip-hop artist to provide a rap verse; however, Jay Z declined.

But rest assured there’s no bad blood between these two.

“We were in touch,” said Sheeran, as per the outlet.


“I sent him the song, and he said, ‘I don’t think the song needs a rap verse’.

“He was probably right. He’s got a very, very good ear

“He usually gets things right. It was a very natural, respectful pass.”

In the same interview, the father-of-two said he wanted to slow down on touring and become more of a hands-on father.

“I don’t want to homeschool my kids,” he said.


“I love the way that country artists do it.

They do the weekend-warrior thing, where they’ll just go out and play weekends. That’s obviously not possible in America because I live so far away from America. But it’s certainly possible in Europe, to just go out and play Frankfurt on a Saturday night, come back.”.


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