Ice Spice Chain Ripped, Says Man Teasing Her In A Video

A man has taken off Ice Spice Chain but she calls it a teaser.

Seeing she’s a rather an obvious newbie, but a man claims to have stolen Ice Spice’s chain. Recall that Ice popped into the Rap stage with her smash “Munch,” setting up herself as a viable challenger. She’s the latest musician to experience meteoric ascension, with each release growing recognition.

Spice was well in the mix of things after she spent her first year in the spotlight modeling for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park campaign and performing on festival stages around the world. With newfound popularity comes hatred, as a group of men claimed to have stolen the Like…? celebrity.

Ice Spice Chain Ripped

A video of a group dangling a “Queen” chain in the camera lens surfaced online.

“We got Ice Spice chain,” one of the men said. “Stop playin’ with me. Pull up. Y’all know where we at.” He then mocked the way Ice Spice raps, echoing his previous remark about her going to him to get her jewelry back. The clip ended with laughter but didn’t explain where this alleged robbery occurred.


Ice Spice Fans Jump I.


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