‘I Have A Sugar Mummy’ – Singer, Joeboy On Why He’s Single And Not Searching


Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa, the Nigerian singer who is popularly known as ‘Joeboy’ has spoken on why he doesn’t need a girlfriend single and not ready to settle down.

Speaking during an interview with Beat 99.9 FM about his love life. The singer said he currently has a sugar mummy.

He, however, said that he feels perfectly okey with his sugar boy lifestyle.

According to him, he prefers the relationship he has with his sugar mummy because it gives him the room to live his life anyhow he wants it.

“I’m currently single and not searching but I have a lot of female friends.


“There’s also someone that only calls me when she wants something from me but I am not complaining and I like it like that.

“But the sugar mama stuff I talked about in my song is a true life story. I’m still a sugar baby. I cannot say her name but I promise you, I am.

“I wasn’t the one that walked up to her tho, she met me. I like what we share because it’s really really dope and we are super free. It’s also fun,” he said.