God Must Punish You If You Buy a Car For Your Girlfriend While Your Mother Goes On Foot – Duncan Mighty

Men who go beyond the line to do charity to their women while their parents or siblings suffer have been cursed by a Nigerian singer.

Duncan Mighty took to his social media page to blast men who buy gifts for their lovers but neglect their mothers.

The singer stated that a man who buy cars for his woman while his mother is trekking, will get punished by God for his deeds. He also said such punishment will also get to those who transfer money to their women while their mothers are begging for recharge card.

In his words ;


If your woman get car wey u buy for her and your mother dey still treck GOD go punish you, if you dey send your woman card and transfer money to her and yet your mama dey beg you recharge card thunder you, anywhere you dey now kneel down and slap yourself anuofia.”