Flavour’s baby mama, Anna Banner speaks on her attempts to commit ‘suicide at some point’


Ex Beauty Queen, Anna Banner has opened up on her attempts to commit suicide while battling some challenges at some point in her life.

Anna Banner, who is also a baby mama to Nigerian singer, Flavour, via her Instagram story on Monday recounted her depression struggles and thought of taking her life after having a baby for the singer at 20.

According to her she lost her self-confidence and was ashamed of her body.

The former beauty added that for six years she’s always has bad birthday experiences, but said that this year will be a reminder of all she’s been through.

“For almost six years, now I have had sad birthday experiences, it was pretty but also frustrating.

“Honestly, no one sees the silent struggles and pain we all go through! All we get on social media are likes and comments from people that like you admire you or even hate you.

“We don’t have it all. I was suicidal at some point in my life! I never knew what depression was not until I experienced it. It wasn’t pretty at all, I was ashamed of my body and the decisions I made.

“I literally lost myself and I screamed silently for help but no one but God could hear me.

“I had a beautiful baby girl at 20. Considered quitting school many times because it was too much for me to handle mentally.

“These are not even half of the struggle but I came out stronger. Someone out there might be going through worse but I can confidently tell you not to give up because God is working silently,” she said