Doyin Okupe reacts after his son announces his gay calls it a ‘spiritual challenge’


Former Presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe has reacted after his son Bolu openly announced yesterday on Instagram that he is gay.

Expressing his sadness, Doyin narrated how his son was born during the time he gave his life to Christ, added that he was aware of his sexual orientation for some time.

Doyin further stated that he is against homosexuality as it goes contrary to the avowed precepts of his Christian faith. He however, says he see the current development as a major spiritual challenge expressing hope of it all ending up in praise to the Almighty.

Doyin wrote on Facebook;

The picture below is that of Mobolurin Okupe. He is my son. I gave him the name MOBA OLUWA RIN, ( I WALKED WITH GOD) because he was born at the time I gave my life to Christ.


I have been aware of this his new orientation for a while now.

He knows that as a Christian and a witness for Christ ( an evangelist) I am vehemently opposed to homosexuality as it runs contrary to the avowed precepts of my Christian faith.

For me I look beyond the surface or the physical. Here I see a major spiritual challenge ahead but I know as my God liveth, this whole saga will end up in Praise to the Almighty Jehova who i serve day and night.

For it is written:
Behold, the hand of the Lord is not shortened that it cannot save, neither is His ear deaf that he cannot hear.
Isaiah 59 vs 1.

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Doyin Okupe reacts after his son announces his gay calls it a 'spiritual challenge'
Meanwhile, after Bolu made the revelation that he’s gay, an Instagram user went on his comment section to say that he could have been a corpse if he was in Kenya. According to the IG user, ‘black people never go against their God.’

@blueweb_foundation, wrote:

“Somewhere Kenya u could be a corpse. We Black color Never go against our God! Stay with ur stupidity in france”

Bolu replied him at once. Read below.

Doyin Okupe