DOWNLOAD UEL: Man United vs Sevilla 2-2 Highlights


Download Football Video: Man United vs Sevilla 2-2 Highlights #EuropaLeague.
Man United vs Sevilla 2-2 Highlights Download: UEFA UEFA League (UEL) – April 13th, 2023.

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Man United has suffered alot of injuries during this match with over six key players now all out. Marcel Sabitzer solemnly stole the show for the first half of Manchester United vs Sevilla’s match with a brace.

The Lamela call was right from the officials. The Fernandes one was a joke. Fair enough that a free-kick was given but a booking is outrageous.

Still, it might be a blessing in disguise if United win well tonight that Fernandes is suspended for the second leg.


The corner’s whipped to the near post. Nianzou flashes a header goalwards from six yards. De Gea makes an instinctive block that flies high into the air.

With Lamela and Ocampos competing for the dropping ball, Varane heads off the line … then the whistle goes for a free kick.

Ocampos hooks a ball back from the byline on the right, finding Montiel just inside the United box. The flag goes up, the linesman incorrectly ruling the ball had gone out for a goal kick.

Man United, who had been pulled a little bit out of shape with Sevilla looking dangerous, breathe a sigh of relief.

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