Chris Brown Unveils ’11:11′ Album Tracklist


Best all time selling black American singer Chris Brown has drooped all the song in his latest album “11:11”. The songs are mad and we love it.

Chris Brown Unveils ’11:11′ Album Tracklist

Chris Brown Unveils ’11:11′ Album Tracklist

See Chris Brown’s 11:11 tracklist below.


Chris Brown’s 11:11 Album Tracklist

Side A

Angel Numbers/10 Toes


2. Sensational feat. Davido and Lojay

3. Press Me

4. That’s On You feat. [TBA]

5. Feel Something

6. Best Ever feat. [TBA]

7. No One Else feat. [TBA]

8. Shooter

9. Nightmares feat. [TBA]

10. Very Special

11. Messed Up

Side B

Midnight Freak

13. Moonlight

14. Bouncin/G5

15. Make Up Ya Mind

16. Stutter

17. Need a Friend

18. Summer Too Hot

19. Feelings Don’t Lie

20. Red Flags

21. Closer

22. Double Negative feat. [TBA]