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Moment Of Your Life by Brent Faiyaz

The term “Larger than life ” means something bigger that the universe itself. But is there anything bigger?. So, Brent Faiyaz drops a new album which he calls “Moment Of Your Life” it’s massive and cool .


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Brent Faiyaz – Larger Than Life Lyrics and Tracklist.

Quotable Lyrics:



You looking better than you ever did

If you told me the secret, I would spread that shit

To every girl that I meet

So they would know how to be


That shit tastes fresher than a peppermint

If you want me to kiss it, I’m not hesitant

I know you’re kissing me back

Just like that


And I got every other thing that I need and want but you

And I’ve been wanting you, so what you wanna do