Bobrisky lying to his father about his true dentity

The Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Isolo-Ejigbo branch B, Alhaji Bashir Femi Olowu, has said that Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, is lying to his father, Alhaji Musibau Okuneye, about his true dentit.

Femi said his father assumes that his feminine dressing was to act theatre on social media only.

According to him, his father doesn’t know the the real identity of his son as he (Bobrisky) appears normal as a man in front of his dad.

How Bobrisky is lying to his father about his true dentity

Bobrisky father not happy about the lifestyle of Bobrisky.

For the fact that people might think otherwise, his father was not happy about the lifestyle of Bobrisky.

“He didn’t seem to be convinced but he continues to present false identity to his father. And that was why he came to his father’s birthday dressed normal as a man.”.
He said: “Alhaji Okuneye, the father of Idris Okuneye (Bobrisky) has been a good and responsible man in the community who has been living here in Ejigbo since 1995. He does not know what his son was doing out there. Because what the boy told him is that he dressed like a lady on social media because he was an artiste and that the dressing was only for theatre purpose.”

Bobrisky’s showing up at the party of his father’s birthday celebration was a trend on social media. He looking like like a real man without any makeup or fake identity.


This was the first time in so many years, Bobrisky would visit his father to celebrate his birthday.