About Former Nigerian Billionaire Chief Anabor Who’s Now A Taxi Driver

About Former Nigerian Billionaire Chief Anabor Who’s Now A Taxi Driver||Chief Anabor

Talking about grace to grass stories, a few are actually amazing and unbelievable in Nigeria today.

The mind-blowing story of Nigerian man known as Goddy Anabor who was formally a very wealthy man but has now landed back to poverty is one that gives an important life lesson.

The once famous Lagos socialite and Billionaire publisher of the defunct Hearts Magazine, Chief Goddy Anabor, is now a cab driver. The erstwhile billionaire whose name and t!tles the likes of Sir Shina Peters, Oliver de Coque and so many other highlife musicians documented lavishly in some of their albums now does petty business to keep body and soul together, after crashing badly in bad times.

Coming out only at dark nights, Anabor uses a Toyota Camry (tiny light) for this and usually begin his activities around 1 am when fewer eyes will be on him. His starts his ride from the popular Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos. Some people who used to know him in his days are so saddened by the way he ended up. Few say it was his bad marriage and drugs this is responsible for his down fall.

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At some point, he was living inside Moshood Abiola Crescent, off Toyin Street, in Ikeja, Lagos.

He also had a guest house in Ikeja GRA (on Joel Ogunnaike to be specific). But at the moment, the guest house today is a Nud3 club – The Cave, owned by Shina Edo. He sold them all as be financial crisis began. Likewise his huge hotel in Edo State and all his exotic automobiles, including a Rolls Royce.


The former billionaire who now works as a taxi driver to make ends meet was at some point, a popular businessman known years back with the nickname Ikeja axis.

Anabor in a latest interview with Bodun Kupoluyi, spoke on how he lost all his money and went from grace to grass.

The former billionaire said he assisted three people to become billionaires back in the day but all the people he helped don’t want to know if he exists anymore.

According to the distraught man, he became riches through different investments but lost all of them because the people he put in charge over his businesses mismanaged it and they were also stealing his money in their dealings.

About Former Nigerian Billionaire Chief Anabor Who’s Now A Taxi Driver
About Former Nigerian Billionaire Chief Anabor Who’s Now A Taxi Driver

Goddy Anabor added that his second wife Anthonia gave away business money to people on purchases and supplies.

Discussing on how he met Anthonia, the man explanation that he came across her at the police station when he at that time had a case at the station where she was a Sergeant.

To help himself out of his predicament, Anabor sold majority of his properties. He sold a house that ws worth 300 million for 84 million to a drug lord, Basorun A.K. The former billionaire also declared that he lost his fleet of over 50 cars which comprises of Bentley, Rolls Royce and others.

Although he is now very broke, he revealed that he is happy with people’s report about him as he is still alive.