A young woman has offered to donate her kidney for Ekweremadu’s daughter treatment (Video)

A woman known as Martha has come out to  announce that she’s willing to donate one of her kidneys to the ailing daughter of Nigeria’s former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu.

From the trends, it was known that the senator was accused of child trafficking and modern-day slavery and also organ harvesting.

Which led to his arrest in the United Kingdom broke days ago and he was arraigned before a Magistrate court.

The senator and his wife were said to have flown a 15-year-old boy to UK after an agreement was reached for his kidney to be harvested and transplanted to their daughter who has kidney disease.

In a video making the rounds online, Martha said her decision to volunteer one of her kidneys was influenced by a dream she had.


She also stated that she does not want any money or reward, that she just wants to save the life of the senator’s daughter.

”I need to help the girl. She is dying. They have already showed me in my dream that I should help the girl. I have already seen it a long time ago. They have already showed me in my dream. I need to do this fast,” Martha said.

Watch the video below…