17 years old kidnapped by yahoo boy rescued by the EFCC.

A teenager who was intending to learn the yahoo Boys trade, was then allegedly abducted by his boss for ritualistic purposes before being rescued by the economic and financial crimes commissions, EFCC.


The EFCC in a statement, said the 17-year-old boy was rescued on July 1 from an apartment in Mpape, a suburb of Abuja.

Peter was able to contact the anti-graft agency through its Twitter account,@officialEFCC, on Friday, 1st of July and he narrated how some suspected internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) kidnapped him with the intention of using him for money rituals.

In a series of tweets, the boy had written: “Good afternoon sir, I called the EFCC number and lay some complaints about some yahoo boys intending using me for ritual and he said I should send a screenshot of the location

The house is in Mpape, but don’t know the exact place so check google map and save the screenshot. I’m in the bathroom because I don’t want his boys to know what I’m doing. My name is Destiny Peter and the place is Mpape. I don’t know the actual place but I used google maps and the people in the house now are his boys. Hold on let me try and do a video, sir”.

The EFCC then instructed him to forward a screenshot of his location to them using Google maps, on his smartphone.

After getting the SOS emergency tweets, EFCC  then mobilized a team to go for the rescue operation of the boy located at mpape.


On getting to the house, they found Peter locked up in a room and met four other suspects who were arrested.

They are; Aboaba David, 16, Isaac Johnson, 18, In-house cook, Miracle Moses, 20, and leader of the syndicate, Jamilu Aliyu, 20, popularly known as Jamilu Smith.

While being interrogated, Peter revealed that he was threatened by Jamilu Smith, who told him that if he was not able to cash out (defraud) victims within two weeks, he would be sacrificed for rituals.