Jurgen Klopp has already explained why Liverpool may lose out on title this season

The Reds will arguably have to reach a standard higher than their Premier League winning side of 2019/20 this term, such is the nature of the competition posed by their title rivals

After two long seasons of jostling for top spot, last term saw Liverpool slipped down to third after an injury crisis decimated their season – handing City their third crown in four years with very little opposition.

For the first time since 2018, Liverpool fell out of the top two – with both Manchester clubs sitting pretty above them and after an underwhelming transfer window at Anfield this summer, the table could make for similar reading come May.

While Liverpool and City only bought one player each is true – it falls short of painting a full picture of the strength of both sides.

Jurgen Klopp explained Liverpool’s transfer policy before the season started.

“We cannot spend money we don’t have. We cannot, the others can but we can’t. That’s my information”, the Liverpool boss explained ahead of the new season.

“Chelsea are not hiding their ambitions, Man United isn’t, City isn’t. We don’t want to hide our ambitions because we want to fight for everything and in this moment it will be a massive fight.”

Klopp went on to address the spending habits of some of his side’s main title rivals, revealing: “We all know the situation of Chelsea, the situation of City, and we all know the situation of Paris Saint-Germain, for example. What United is doing I don’t know exactly how they do it. We have, obviously, our way to do it.”

Whether Liverpool’s way of doing it, which is seemingly not doing much as far as transfer windows are concerned, proves successful this term remains to be seen, but to coin a phrase from boss Klopp – it will be a massive fight.


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