How I almost gave up before my last album – Asa reveals

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How I almost gave up before my last album – Asa reveals


Nigerian singer, Bukola Elemide, popularly known as Asa, has revealed that she almost gave up on her music career twice.

The singer disclosed this during an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, TV host, stating that the people she worked made music all about business, which made her almost lose her love for music.

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She said,

“Twice, I almost gave it up. Maybe before my last album. I didn’t like what the people involved with music did with the business part of it. People don’t know how you wrote the song and came about it

“But they come and turn everything upside down. I don’t like that. It takes me away from my path, that thing I had that never made me waiver. With these guys, it’s foggy, and I hate that. Music that I loved became a job.

“But I’m past that now. When people come to me to say thank you, I was down and depressed. I have people who told me that’s not a place to go. You have to keep doing it, to keep going. People want you to continue.
“And I thought it’s quite selfish of me to think that way. I thought maybe I should listen more to people, celebrate more, and let people say all these good things they say about me rather than tell myself I’m not there yet.”
Asa further stated that even though she has had a successful career, she is not ready to stop because she inspires a lot of artistes.
“I don’t know if I’ve arrived yet and I’m not being modest. Calling me a veteran is an annoying thing. It’s like you just open a coffin. Maybe I should celebrate more. Maybe I’ve gotten there but await something.

“I’ve had a successful career, toured, but I don’t stop to look. I just keep going. Sometimes when I hear alternative artistes say I inspired them to do music, it really makes me emotional because I had nothing like they did.

“To see their confidence and attitude inspires me. In my capacity, I support them as much as I

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