Declaration Of Bandits As Terrorists: I’ll No Longer Mediate For Them – Gumi

Declaration Of Bandits As Terrorists: I’ll No Longer Mediate For Them – Gumi

Prominent Islamic cleric and tutor, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has revealed that he will no longer be mediating for bandits after they were declared as terrorists by the government.

Gumi made the know in an interview with Premium Times on Wednesday December 8. He stated that his decision was on the declaration of bandits as terrorists by a court.

According to the Islamic cleric, it will be dangerous for him to continue to engage the bandits since they’ve been declared terrorists.
He Said;

“Since the federal government has declared them terrorists, I don’t have anything to do with them anymore.

“I will not like to expose myself to danger again and to put a spotlight on myself unnecessarily.
“I have tried all I could do to admonish the nation on the best way to do it, but it seems my advice has fell (fallen) on deaf ears.”

Gumi added that from now on, he would be a “spectator in the crisis”.

He Said;

“I have endangered my life for peace by going to the forest and engaged the bandits. Among them there are rock bandits, they are dangerous, armed ready to fire.

It is dangerous, still we risked our lives to see that we bring peace to this nation. Because somebody has to take that risk and we took it and thanked God we came out safely and knowledgeable, knowing how to come about this issue.

“Maybe in the future when the political situation changes for better, we can do it again so that there will be peace, harmony and tranquility in the country.”


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