[Album Download/Stream] Bryson Tiller – Anniversary (Deluxe)

[Album Download/Stream] Bryson Tiller – Anniversary (Deluxe)

Bryson Tiller – Anniversary (Deluxe)

After the October release of his album A N N I V E R S A R Y, Bryson Tiller returns with the deluxe version. On the original release, Tiller houses 10-tracks with a lone feature from Drake, and unlike his fellow artists, the deluxe version of his record doesn’t feature a bevy of singers or rappers. This time around, the Kentucky native added five more songs with only a solo look from Detroit emcee Big Sean.

Recently, Tiller sat down with Apple Music in a interview on why it was a good time to release the deluxe version now. “I feel like things have just been lining up perfectly. I feel like the stars are aligning through divine timing, you know, me and Drake finally getting a song in and we’ve got other stuff, too,” he said.

“Yeah, it just feels like everything is just lining up perfectly from the people I’m working with to the signs that I’m getting from God, you know? Um, they’re there, everything just feels like it’s happening the right way, it just feels like the beginning of a new era, you know?”

Keep an eye out for Bryson Tiller’s forthcoming triple-disc project, Serenity. Stream Below;

1. Years Go By
2. Always Forever
3. I’m Ready for You
4. Things Change
5. Timeless Interlude
6. Sorrows
7. Inhale
8. Outta Time ft. Drake
9. Keep Doing What You’re Doing
10. Next To You
11. Still Yours ft. Big Sean
12. Timeless Interlude Pt. II
13. Losing Focus
14. 7:00
15. Like Clockwork


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