“I will choose my career over my husband”- Popular Nollywood Actress reveals

“I will choose my career over my husband”- Popular Nollywood Actress reveals

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare has opened up on motherhood, marriage, and career in an exclusive conversation with Nine Lives, saying that she will choose her career over her husband.

According to the Yoruba movie star, acting has been her source of livelihood before and after marriage so she is not going to quit it for anything.

KemiFilani news shared parts of the interview as seen below;

If your husband asks you to quit acting, what would you do?

I dont think any reasonable man would want his wife to quit her career. Definitely no, I wont adhere to that.

So, you are saying if your husband asks you to choose between him and your career, you won’t hesitate to make a choice?

I will choose my career.

Why would you make such a choice?

It’s because I have worked for it. I have been making money before and after, through my job.

I have other side businesses but the mother of them all is movie-making. So, any other thing that comes out of it is just secondary. I wouldn’t jeopardize what made me, because I have been Laide Bakare since age 16. So, I don’t think it is something I would want to drop.

Bueze Onyeka Senior Editor @Justnaijabase

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