3 best ways to break up with your partner

3 best ways to break up with your partner

Problems in dating and relationships leaves many young people depressed these days. And as a result, many people now see dating as a waste of time. Here justnaija brings you 3 best ways to break up with your partner or call it off without fights between the two of you.

1 Reduce the communication with your partner: Walking away from toxic relatonship requires you need to intentionally create an avenue where the communication between you both is cut off.

Relationships thrive on effective communication so the absence of communication automatically kills the vibes.

2 Be rearly available : Once you are rearly available it changes the whole love game. The moment your partner can’t find you to lay their heads on your shoulders, he or she assumes you are to busy for them.

Creating the distance might not be easy at first, but if contained, your partner should with time read the signs and back- off from the relationship.

3 Get stingy: Finance they say substains romance. The moment you don’t do the things you to do for your partner initially like providing financial assistance for your partner, obsession comes in the would result a breakup in the relationship.

If your partner looks up to you for everything and you stop no longer play the role, they will walk away from the relationship.

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Bueze Onyeka Senior Editor @Justnaijabase

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